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10 Low- Cost, Kid Friendly, Summer Fun Activities

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Summertime is nearly here, which means that long days with children free from school are just around the corner. If you’re racking your brain for activities to help keep them engaged, don’t worry. Whether you’re hoping to stay close to home, enjoy a “staycation”, or venture out into the heat, here are a few low-cost, kid-friendly summer activities to keep you and your kids entertained.

1. Go Stargazing

The warm weather is perfect for camping, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the comfort of your own property. Consider hunkering down in your backyard and teaching your children about the stars! The low-key activity is a great backdrop for meaningful conversations, too.

2. Have a Bonfire

If your children are a little bit older, consider building a bonfire in the evening and relaxing over some s’mores. Your children will love the toasted marshmallow treats and you can spend some time together away from technology.

3. Fly a Kite

Whether you’re crafty or not, building a kite is surprisingly easy to do. You’ll be teaching your child that they can build things with their own two hands, and that’s a priceless experience.

4. Invest in Some Sidewalk Chalk

Consider spending some time outside creating art with sidewalk chalk. You can take the opportunity to ask your child about their favorite cartoon characters and have fun trying to draw them together.

5. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Outdoor markets are a lot of fun to visit, and that’s especially true when the weather is great. Take an afternoon and teach your child about all of the different food you see. You might also consider buying the ingredients for a specific dish and cooking it with them.

6. Have a Picnic

A classic summertime activity, picnics are fun for everyone! Find some easy-to-make recipes and let your children help make and pack lunch before you head out.

7. Tackle Some DIY Projects

Do you have some home projects you’ve been putting off? Consider taking them on with your children this summer. Let them pick the day and the project and consider getting a treat for supper. You can teach your children the importance of home repairs in the process.

8. Do Some Gardening

Many children enjoy playing outside in the dirt, so why not join them? It’s the perfect time to start a small garden, and you can make it extra special by teaching them to cook simple meals with ingredients they helped grow themselves.

9. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

Have a family movie night your children will never forget by renting a movie projector and spending the night under the stars. Towels, pool floats, and inflatable mattresses make great “chairs”.

10. Go to the Pool

This tried-and-true summer activity is always a lot of fun. You can even play some easy games and help your children improve their swimming skills (or pick up the ability) at the same time!


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