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10 Low- Cost, Kid Friendly, Summer Fun Activities

Summertime is nearly here, which means that long days with children free from school are just around the corner. If you’re racking your brain for activities to help keep them engaged, don’t worry. Whether you’re hoping to stay close to home, enjoy a “staycation”, or venture out into the heat, here are a few low-cost, kid-friendly summer activities to [...]

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Please check out our newest partner, WWW.buckleboss.com

Hello everyone! If you have a toddler or child with special needs, who like to unbuckle their seatbelt while riding in the car, please visit www.buckleboss.com to check out their innovative and effective safety device. The Buckleboss makes worrying about your child unbuckling while underway in the car a thing of the past.www.buckleboss.com

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6 Easy Delegating Tips for Busy Parents!

                                                                                     https://unsplash.com/photos/N9H3dAeR0SMAs the parents of the household, it may be hard to try and assign tasks to you and your partner, or even to your children. With the chaos of your [...]

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Keeping Your Kids Safe From Household Hazards. By Jess Walter

Keeping Your Kids Safe from household HazardsThe word ‘home’ is normally associated with safety, protection, and rest, but a large-scale study by the Home Safety Council has found that home injuries cause 21 million emergency visits per year. One of the problems is feeling too secure about our home environment. A study conducted at the [...]

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Redesigning A Home With Your Child's Mobility In Mind

A Change In Perspective: Redesigning A Home With Your Child's Mobility In MindA child who struggles with their mobility can grow up feeling alone and uncomfortably different. This should not be the case. In the United States, 6.8 million people use assistive mobility devices of some kind in order to move around their homes, offices, [...]

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Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party: Getting it Right By Jess Walter

Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party: Getting it Right Around 26% of parents spent more than $500 for their baby’s first birthday party, according MarketWatch. First birthdays are even becoming more lavish as parents spend more to make a lasting impression. Even though your baby won’t remember it, celebrating their first key milestone is always [...]

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How To Foster Independence In Your Child (While Keeping Them Safe) By Laurie Larson

One morning, the intrepid kindergartner that I was at only 5 years old, I walked up to my parents and said, “I’m walking to school today. You’re not coming with me. I’m not taking the bus.”It was a gut-check moment for Mom and Dad. But they did what good parents do: They weighed the pros and cons asked [...]

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How To Introduce a New Nurse To Your Child. By Jess Walter

By 2022, the number of registered nurses in the Unites States is expected to reach 3.24 million, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Families with children who have special needs are enlisting the services of specially trained nurses to care for them. Most of the young children with ongoing illnesses like [...]

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Fun Children's Games And Activities To Banish Boredom This Winter by Jess Walter

Fun Children’s Games And Activities To Banish Boredom This WinterWondering how to keep the kids entertained this winter? Having a reliable repository of games up your sleeve will keep their eager minds and bodies occupied and instantly banish boredom. Not only are games important sources of fun, but they’re also essential learning opportunities for children. [...]

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Preparing for Parenthood: Advice for disabled people

Preparing for parenthood: Advice for disabled peoplePeople with disabilities who have children face many of the same challenges that any parent faces. There’s a home to prepare, baby equipment to purchase, and new financial needs to be considered. The impending birth of a child means disabled parents have to get ready for being parents, not for being disabled. Their disabilities [...]

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