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Activities to keep you family busy during quarantine

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Activities to keep you family busy during quarantine

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Keeping your family occupied during social distancing can be quite a challenge! With all of this time at home presented to us, it seems that there are not enough things to do. However, there are many ways to stay positive and productive when you feel that you have exhausted your options. If you are climbing the walls, check out these boredom busters below and have fun!

Tidy Up

Tidying up your home is a great way to occupy your time and accomplish something great. Our busy schedules often prevent us from cleaning and the clutter can pile up. Now that extracurricular activities and work schedules have wound down, there is time to catch up and conquer the mess. Make cleaning fun by challenging yourself as well as members of your family to declutter a certain space in the home. Assign each person to do a room. For instance, one child can clean a bedroom, and another the playroom. Your spouse can tackle the living room, while you organize the pantry. This brings a competitive edge to the otherwise drab task of picking up. It is refreshing to see how each person approaches decluttering differently. If someone does not know how to begin, suggest different organization solutions and tools.One option that might work well are functional storage carts to help keep items tucked away in the right place. Establishing a designated spot for your belongings is crucial in order to combat clutter, confusion, and prevent future messes.

Stay Fit

Now that your kids are stuck at home, they will not be able to play sports or participate in their physical education classes. However, it is important to stay active and not become a couch potato. There are many motivating at home workouts for the whole family to enjoy. Consider trying yoga, pilates, calisthenics, or even free weight routines if you have the equipment. Pump up your kids by allowing them to be a trainer for the day. Have your child coach you through an exercise routine that they develop. Take turns and have everyone get involved. It is healthy to keep moving and it will certainly help to pass the time.

Learn Something New

Having time on your hands is a fantastic opportunity to discover something new. There are many YouTube videos and sites that can guide you on reaching your goals and aspirations. No matter what you want to try, there is something out there. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn another language. Maybe you have dreamed about learning to paint, or play a musical instrument. Once you have practiced your talent, why not host a talent show? Everyone will enjoy showing off their new found knack. Bring a virtual audience to your show by streaming it over video call for your friends to see. Your audience can judge your talents and crown a winner!

Host A Game Night

Nothing beats playing classic board games! Entertain your family by getting out the Jenga, Clue, and Candy Land. Have a variety of games that involve just two players as well as multiple players. You can spice things up by offering prizes for the winners. Hold a final round and see who reins the supreme board game champion of your household. In addition to board games, there are many video and computer games. You can bring friends and other family members together virtually and enjoy playing from the comfort and safety of your home.

Arts and crafts are a lighthearted and relaxing activity. You can use a variety of materials to create projects. Try using mediums such as watercolor, colored pencils, and acrylic paints to make projects more interesting. Even if you feel that you are not crafty, there are lots of easy art projects that people with all skill levels can enjoy. Create a mini art gallery by displaying the creations on the wall. Have your family look at it and talk about the masterpieces you have all worked so hard on.

Assign Chores And Responsibilities

Chores provide children with activities they must be committed to. It holds them responsible and helps to keep the household running smoothly. There are many delegating tips that can help you implement routines and distribute the duties in your home. For example, one child can be responsible for loading the dishwasher and putting away clean dishes. Another child can have the task of feeding the pet. Don’t forget to show your children that you also have responsibilities and that everyone must do their fair share to keep everything on track.

You and your loved ones should celebrate the effort all of you are putting into staying busy. There are so many engaging activities yet to be discovered. It is wonderful to be able to have so much family time and you may even end up cherishing some of these special moments. Just remember we are all in this together.


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