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Fun Children's Games And Activities To Banish Boredom This Winter by Jess Walter


Fun Children’s Games And Activities To Banish Boredom This Winter

Wondering how to keep the kids entertained this winter? Having a reliable repository of games up your sleeve will keep their eager minds and bodies occupied and instantly banish boredom. Not only are games important sources of fun, but they’re also essential learning opportunities for children. Play promotes thinking, language, emotional, and self-regulation skills. It’s also a great family bonding experience which boosts emotional and physical health. Here are some games and activities to keep your children amused this winter.

Charades, winter-style

An endless source of fun, charades is a long-loved classic game for a reason! And here’s how you can put a winter twist on the game for an exciting new take. All you need to do is write the names of popular winter activities, like sledding, building snowmen, or snowball fights onto squares of paper. Fold them and put them in a jar. Then, split the kids into groups and they take turns acting out the chosen activity for their team. But, if one team can’t get the answer, the other team can swoop in and guess to win.

Icecube scavenger hunt

The night before your hunt, mix water with food coloring to dye it, and pour into ice cube trays (or cups, bowls, or food storage boxes). Ask your kids to help! Put them in your freezer overnight. The next day, remove the ice cubes from the trays and hide them around your garden, in flower pots and snow banks or on branches and rocks. Then you’re ready for a treasure hunt! Hand the children plastic bags and let them scour the garden for the dyed ice cubes.

Homemade bird feeders

Making a homemade bird feeder is a great craft for kids: it encourages creativity as well as care for their feathered friends. Cut an orange in half and remove the inner flesh. Be careful not to damage the peel as it’ll function as a container for the bird feed. At both opposite sides of the orange, poke a tiny hole and thread through string which ties at the top. Then fill the orange half with a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed. Take the feeders outside to hang from branches and wait for the birds to flock.

Preparing a handful of children’s games and activities in advance is essential for every parent, especially once winter rolls around. And this doesn’t have to be a difficult task: fun can be had with minimal prep and equipment. With the above ideas, your kids will have an excitement- filled winter to remember.


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