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How To Introduce a New Nurse To Your Child. By Jess Walter

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By 2022, the number of registered nurses in the Unites States is expected to reach 3.24 million, according to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Families with children who have special needs are enlisting the services of specially trained nurses to care for them. Most of the young children with ongoing illnesses like ADHD, autism or epilepsy, disabilities or behavioral issues need regular visits to the hospital but can be scared of the doctors and nurses. Therefore, as apparent, you can prepare your child in advance before meeting the doctor or a nurse.

Making the following arrangements can make your child comfortable around a new nurse:

Start the Process Early

Before settling on a new nurse, you can consider researching multiple medical care agencies and choose the one that offers the best services to your child. Ensure that they can provide a comfortable environment and able to understands your child’s needs and behavior. As a parent, talk with your pediatrician and decide if your child will visit the nurse at the hospital or make arrangements for the nurse to come to your house. Children find it easier adjusting with the new nurse when they’re in a familiar place like home. Afterwards, communicate with your child about the plan.

Share the Plan With Your Child

Communicating with your child can ease the fear and restlessness that they may experience during their visits. It’s paramount for you to talk openly to your child without leaving any details behind about the new nurse. When you openly communicate with your child on the importance of the visit to ensure their overall health, it can reduce their stress levels, and the nurse can provide the best care possible. Besides, ensure that the conversation with your child is a friendly one and talk positively about the new nurse to make them eager for the visit.

Accompany Your Child on the Initial Visit

Whether the first meeting is at home or the hospital, your company ensures your child remains comfortable and calm when meeting the new nurse. As a parent, you get a chance to convey your preferences, concerns and expectations up front to the nurse during the initial visit. It’s the correct time for you to tell your nurse about the child GPS tracker or locator on him to avert emergency situations with the authorities. Also, remain with your child throughout the entire meeting and consider helping the nurse during the demonstration of the medical tools that will be used during the care program. It creates a good rapport between the child and the nurse.

Although dealing with kids can be challenging, nurses are experts in mastering communication skills. However, parents should provide love and support to their children when meeting their new nurses. The above steps can make the introduction comfortable for your child.


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