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Mommy blogging in 2017

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Yes, You can Still Make Money as a Mommy Blogger in 2017

For many, it seemed as if blogging had peaked and is now on the decline in a saturated market - none more so than the realm of the mommy blogger. However, even in 2017, it is possible to start, grow, and earn from a mommy blog. It’s not only possible, but quite likely if you put the hard work in and find the unique voice which is sitting there, waiting inside of you.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be mistakes and there will be setbacks; especially if you are new to blogging or writing in general. Personally, I got lucky because I was able to move from a corporate job into writing about that industry then could convert it into writing about being a new mother. That phase is behind me though, and now I help others write and cover all kinds of business topics.

Your Basic Blogging Toolbox

As a mommy blogger, there’s some things which you really need before you can get started. This will be your toolbox:

  1. A blog idea - your unique take on being a mom.
  2. Hosting - could be free or paid.
  3. A plan - research first, know some of the topics you are going to cover.

Naturally, the concept comes first. Then you need a unique name for your blog which conveys you’re a mother, but is not too obscure or too common either. Ask yourself, what makes you different from the rest? Why should you stand out? And what the heck are you going to cover?

Can Mommy Blogging Still Earn?

Yes, you can. Some mommy bloggers make over $5,000 a month. Other bloggers can rake in even more than that with the right voice, work ethic, and promotion. The key to earning that figure or more is to make sure your content stands out, is fun, intriguing, but also brings people back. One key to bringing more people in is to get them to subscribe to your mailing list, then you can reach out to them with news, views, and promotions.

Building your audience will take time. Do not rush into monetizing it or make it too ad heavy when you do. Slowly does it. Write well, research, fact check, spell check, and promote. You can use some basic on-site SEO and reach out to fellow mommy bloggers to cross-promote, but be available, respond to non-spam comments, email your readers, and chat on social media. There’s a lot you can do to make it a success, but remember the golden rule of 2017 - content is Queen.


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