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Tooth brushing tips for teaching tooth brushing to young children by Jess Walter

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Fun Tips For Teaching Tooth-Brushing

Kids regularly prefer to eat sugary snacks over vegetables, but this becomes a problem if they're refusing to brush their teeth correctly. This behavior can start when a kid is a toddler and continue up to when he or she is in preschool. For parents, the younger the better to teach oral hygiene which includes going for regular dental checkups yourself, because kids tend to emulate what their parents or friends do.

While sometimes it can be difficult to force a kid to brush their teeth, when you start the habit from a young age and make the process fun, they will be more motivated to practice good oral hygiene on a daily basis. Here are some more tips you can use to make brushing teeth a fun process for kids .

Offer a reward afterwards

Consider providing dental rewards for your kids of the non-sweet variety. Kids love the idea of doing a task and getting a reward in the end. Therefore, if you're having problems getting your kids to brush before bed, then reward them with something they love. You can read a storybook to your kids or allow them to watch their favorite TV show for a few more minutes. The idea is to choose a fun activity that your kids love and reward them with it only after brushing their teeth. You can even agree and get them a colorful toy, fancy gift or something new to wear after following the brushing pattern for a few months.

Choose toothbrush and toothpaste in fun colors

Some children don't like brushing because their toothbrushes make their teeth or gums painful. Let your child choose the floss or toothbrush color they want and replace it the moment they complain it's hurting their gums and teeth. The pain can be a sign of early dental caries.

Make teeth brushing a fun family activity

Boring activities don't go down well with youngsters, which is why brushing your kid's teeth has to be a fun process and less like a chore. Create a routine where all family members brush their teeth at the same time and hum along to your favorite songs.

As a parent, you can emphasize good hygiene by making teeth cleaning a fun habit. Set a specific time at night for both you and your kid to brush your teeth that way you will not only teach and monitor how they brush their teeth, but also spend more quality time with them, after all kids grow up so fast.


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