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5 Unexpected Mobile Apps to Make Parenting Life a Little Bit Easier

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5 Unexpected Mobile Apps to Make Parenting Life a Little Bit Easier

Wouldn’t it be great if parenting came with a how-to guide (and maybe four or five more hours in a day)? While that may be only wishful thinking, there are a handful of unexpected mobile apps you can download right now to help make parenting life just a little bit easier. From child safety to learning and entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of apps you didn’t know you needed as a parent.

Teddy Tag

It takes less than a second for a young child to wander off, even when we think we are being alert and attentive. Our child locator product, the Teddy Tag, is a revolutionary wearable technology that connects with our free Teddy Tag app. The physical Teddy Tag tracker, combined with the app, will alert you when your child has wandered outside of your predefined zone that you establish within the app. Along with setting up zone parameters, you can also locate your child by using the app to set off a 90-decibel tone alert on your child’s wearable Teddy Tag from over 100 feet away.


We’ve all been there– moments where life gets so busy that we push off grocery shopping longer than we probably should. This usually leads to frustration when we run out of cleaning solutions halfway through the tiny window we had while the kids are napping, or when it’s snack time and your children let you know that “there is nothing to eat in this house.” For the moments where the response “have a piece of fruit” doesn’t work, consider downloading the delivery app goPuff for last minute needs. From snacks to cleaning supplies, and even diapers, wipes, and formula– goPuff has all your home essentials delivery needs covered. Don’t forget to add a coffee to that order while you’re at it.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is your virtual babysitter in an app for those moments where you just need time to yourself to get things done (or to simply take a break!). What makes YouTube Kids so great is the fact that you have control over what your kids are able to search. From clips of popular children’s programming, such as Winnie the Pooh and Thomas and Friends, to kid-friendly music, homework help, and even toy reviews– you can download YouTube Kids app to keep your kiddos entertained when you need it most!


According to Peanut, “We provide a safe space for mothers, expectant mothers and those trying to conceive to build friendships, ask questions and find support.”Peanut is a great resource for moms who are beginning to feel a bit isolated and are in search of a group of mom friends to relate experiences with. Download the free Peanut app to virtually meet other moms locally. Share stories, get or give advice, and make new friends in the process! No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, Peanut is a place to connect with women like you.


It’s a surprisingly stressful moment; the moment when you are battling with keeping your kids artwork or ridding your house of clutter, because let’s be honest– there’s a lot of artwork. But, the feeling of guilt that comes with throwing out even the smallest doodles can be overwhelming. This is where Artkive comes in. When you download the Artkive app, you can take photos of all of your children's artwork and keep it safely stored digitally to view at any time. You can even send in your kid’s artwork to Artkive where they will scan it all and print it into one hardcover book for you as a special keepsake that’s much easier to store and organize!

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that can do it all but there are several out there that can make many aspects of parenting less stressful. Whether you’re looking to keep your kids safe or entertained, this list is a great place to start! 


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