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Child Safety Gadgets That Help to Give You a Peace of Mind by Marie Johnson

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Child Safety Gadgets That Help to Give You a Peace of Mind

As a parent, your child’s safety is your top priority. We often have concerns about our children when we are at work, on a date night, or just when a child spends the day at a friends house. Knowing our children's whereabouts and helping to keep them safe is thankfully becoming less challenging with the development of child safety gadgets. To help you tackle your busy schedules and maintain a peace of mind about your child’s wellbeing, consider looking into some beneficial children’s tech tools.

Child Locator

Kids will do the darndest things! Often, children find it funny to hide from their parents, or to wander off out of curiosity. To prevent some scary moments, use a child locator to know your child's whereabouts. Child locators from Mommy I'm here are both cute and practical and come in two parts. The locator designed to look like a teddy bear can easily be secured to a child’s belt, and the parent simply needs to wear the keychain or download the corresponding app. When a child wonders more than 30 feet away, the alarm on the teddy bear locator sounds. Also, if your child gets out of eyesight you can trigger the alarm from your smartphone or keychain to locate your child. Such trackers prevent your children from getting too far away in the first place.

Pool Alarm

Having a pool with small children presents hazards. Install a pool alarm to be able to maintain the outdoor space of your dreams without too much stress. Pool alarms can easily be mounted to your pool. The sensor is triggered and will sound an alarm when either a pet or a person enters the pool. This not only protects your child but pets too, or others that try to access your pool without permission. Pool alarms combined with pool fencing and a protective cover can truly be life saving.

Nanny Camera

Life is unpredictable. It always seems that something unexpected comes up in your schedule. Finding a last minute sitter can be stressful, even if it is a family member. Therefore, installing a nanny camera in your home can help to ease your anxiety when you leave your child’s care in someone else’s hands. Nanny cameras come with many useful features. They are small and can be tucked away out of view. The live recording can be streamed conveniently to your smartphone so you can check in at any time. Therefore you can remind your sitter of your expectations if they are not fitting your needs, or to help reinforce what works best for your children when you are away.

Parental Control Software

Safeguarding our children from inappropriate and harmful material on the internet is quite the challenge nowadays. Now even children in elementary school have access to the internet through smartphones and tablets, and often need such devices to complete schoolwork. Prevent your child form accessing or coming across such material through parental control software. Filters can be applied to block sites, monitor browsing activity, and notify you of potential concerns. Another feature is parental control for social media. Cyber bullying is on the rise, and software can track messages your child exchanges with others. Therefore, you can be at ease knowing your child is having safe and healthy conversations with friends. All the benefits this tool provides,allows your child to still safely enjoy their favorite online activities.

You want to do everything possible to give your child the best experience growing up. Your child can participate in the activities they love with an extra layer of security that child safely gadgets provide. GIve yourself and your child a boost of confidence by utilizing technology to be healthy, happy, and secure.


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