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Creating A Quality, Consistent Routine When Caring for Your Child. By Jess Walter

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Optimize Bath Time With a Nightly Routine

As many parents will attest to, caring for little ones is no easy task and can be entirely all consuming, with new parents getting an average of less than 5 hours of sleep per night. Bath time can be a particularly challenging time of day, with little ones vehemently protesting against it, meaning it can end up taking a lot longer than it needs to. For busy parents who have countless items to cross from their to-do list, dedicating hours to bath time is a luxury they simply can’t afford. With a little planning and foresight, however, you can breeze right through bath time straight to bedtime, and even have an hour or two left over for some “me” time.

Create a Routine and Stick to It

When it comes to getting things wrapped up quickly with children, expectation setting is truly fundamental. Creating a routine around bath time will get your kids anticipating this part of the day and knowing exactly what to expect, eventually speeding up the process altogether.

Ideally, the bath time and bedtime routine should be back to back, with bath time being a relaxing transition into bedtime. In this way, your little one will know that it’s time for bed as soon as bath time is finished, and will be ready to go straight down for the night. Bath time will of course vary depending on age and lifestyle, but it’s essential that you set a specific time each evening and stick to it. As a guide, you may like to aim for an hour before their usual bedtime, as this will allow enough time to get ready for bed.

Incorporate Your Favorite Products

Using specific products may not seem like an obvious way to speed up bath time, but doing so works in the same way as setting a schedule in that it helps kids know what to expect. Because human beings associate smells with memories and emotions, using the same products regularly will subconsciously signal to your little one that it’s time for their bath time routine. This is a particularly useful communicative mechanism for infants, who haven’t begun using language yet.

Is Talcum Powder the Right Choice?

Talcum powder is among the “holy grail” of baby skincare products but you may want to do your homework before incorporating it into your night time routine. The use of talcum powder has become somewhat controversial because of the alleged health threats associated with its use. In the same breath, a lot of the evidence pointing to the dangers of its use are questionable and potentially unreliable. So, if you’re unsure about whether you would like to use it, do your research and decide whether you think it’s the right product for your family.

Get everything prepared beforehand

Preparation is key to saving time. Five minutes before your scheduled bath time, get everything you’ll be needing ready to go so that there are no unexpected turns in the routine. Run the water and get towels, diapers, PJs and whatever else you need laid out in advance. A few minutes of preparation could save you many more in the tantrums triggered by a change in schedule.

For parents who are busy or strapped for time, setting expectations with a clear routine is a great solution for bath times that are fast and enjoyable. Try implementing an evening procedure for a smoother bath time and overall night time process.


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