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Our Awards for the Best Child Tracker

Mommy I'm Here Child locator products were recently awarded the "Top 50 travel Safety Product for Families" award from SafeSoundFamily.com


Our brand new Teddy Tag Bluetooth Smart Child Locator was also just awarded the 2015 TOP CHOICE award from Baby Materniy Retailer and Creative Child Magazines!





Awarded 10 Best Wearable Tracking Devices to Keep Kids Safe by www.inventorspot.com

The Need for a Child Locator

Has that heart-stopping moment ever happened to you? The moment you turned around and discovered your child was missing, and you had no idea where they went? Most parents have experienced such a fright and happily found their youngsters, but some, sadly, do not. In fact, it was exactly such a scare that prompted the founder of Mommy I'm Here, Inc. to create the best child tracker.

Bob White’s daughter was hiding beneath a clothing rack in a store when the parents realized she was missing. Their story ends happily as an older lady heard the parents calling out and alerted them to the presence of their daughter. However, a tracking device is an even better option for finding your lost child.

Once they start walking, children can move quickly and silently. It’s usually the quiet that alerts you to their absence. No one wants to live through a time when their child disappears. That’s why we created our tracking devices for kids. They’re easy to use, affordable, and effective. Look to our products page to order one for every child.

How Our Teddy Bear Locators Work

Make sure you know where your child is 24/7. Just attach our wearable toddler tracking deviceto your child’s clothes. A belt, shoelaces, or suspenders are the best places. You won’t have any trouble getting him or her to wear one as our child locator consists of an adorable teddy bear.

Paired with the tracker is a device that sounds an alarm when you click on it. The alarm is hidden in the teddy bear your child is wearing, so you hear where he or she is. We even have an app for both iPhone and Android devices.

This clever and practical idea is a great way to keep track of one or more children, as the tracking devices can be set to sound alarms on a number of different teddy bears. We believe every parent needs one of these for each of their young children, as it helps to locate them quickly.

Order from us today and gain peace of mind regarding your child. Keep them safe and secure with our invaluable product.


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