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Child safety is very important to our founder

About Our Top-Quality Child Safety Products

Hello, my name is Bob White, and I am the president and founder of Mommy I'm Here child safety and locator products.  Thank you for your interest in child safety products.  As a father, I know too well how quickly our children grow up and how precious they are.  Below is the true story of the inspiration of our award-winning child locator products.  I am the proud father of two amazing children and am blessed that they are healthy and safe. 

Here is the story:

Hailey! Hailey! Where are you? My stomach sank; my wife's face became heated and red. We did not know where our two-year-old daughter went. The store was crowded. Did someone take her? Did she just innocently wander off? The uncertainty of her situation was frightening. We began calling her name more loudly and frequently. The store manager was preparing to shut the front doors when we heard an older lady say, "Is this your daughter?" Luckily, it was, and we avoided a potential disaster. But over 50,000 parents per year in the U.S. are not so lucky.

Our daughter decided to play hide and seek by crawling under the clothes rack, right next to us. Had we been armed with a child tracking device, we would have avoided the whole traumatic and embarrassing situation. This was the inspiration for creating the Mommy I'm Here child locator line.

The goal was to create a high-quality, stylish, reliable, and affordable solution for parents with small children to help protect them in an increasingly dangerous world.

Have you ever turned around and your child is not there? Over 800,000 times per year a child is lost while out with a parent or caregiver in the U.S. This leads to over 50,000 real abductions.

The Mommy I'm Here line of child locators are affordable, stylish, easy to use, and effective, and they are of the highest quality. Mommy I'm Here currently offers 3 products at various price points for all consumers. The goal of our company is to introduce new and innovative products, constantly staying in touch with the latest in technology and the needs of the consumer.




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