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Instructions for Our Bluetooth Child Locator


The Teddy Tag Smart Bluetooth Child Locator will typically pair up with your smartphone very quickly, but this guide will help explain things even further. Remember, you can always tap the "Help" guide within the Teddy Tag app to get all of this information and even more...




 Here are the videos and instructions for all of our first generation products. Please see below:







MOMMY I’M HERE CL-103 pink and brown

Have you ever turned around and your child is not there? It happens thousands of times each day. Our tracking devices for kids can help! With the Mommy I’m Here line of electronic child locators, you can keep your leashes on your pets and walk freely with your child without worry.

Simply mount the adorable, teddy-bear-shaped receiver to your child’s shoe or belt (recommended) or find an alternate sturdy mounting location, such as suspenders.  Switch the teddy bear receiver to the “ON” position and press the button on your keychain remote to arm the children tracker. This is actually a unique operation, as the Mommy I’m Here technology will choose a new channel from an approximate 1500 possible channels each time to greatly reduce the chance of interference from other users.

You will now have added peace of mind when out with your child anywhere. Whenever you see that your child has wandered, simply press the button on your handy keychain remote, and it will automatically set off an audible, 90-decibel alarm  from the teddy bear receiver, allowing you to locate your child and attract attention to the situation your child may be facing from approximately 150 feet away (the range is subject to battery strength and geographic location).



With our new Mommy I’m Here CL-305 ALERT, you will enjoy all of the features of our original Cl-103 pink and brown models, with an added distance alert feature that will actually ALERT YOU when your child wanders approximately 30 feet from your keychain remote!

Simply attach the soft, blue teddy bear receiver to your child’s shoe or belt and press the button on your keychain remote firmly to arm. You will hear a series of faint chirps, signaling that the child tracking system is ready to use. Whenever your child decides to wander from you, your keychain transmitter will emit a series of chirps, alerting you that your child has wandered approximately 30 feet away. You will then press the button on your keychain transmitter to set off the alarm on your child’s teddy bear receiver. As a bonus safety feature, your keychain transmitter will continue to chirp until you are within close distance to your child, at which time the units will reset, sync back up, and be ready to go again!

 CL-305 & CL-103 Technical Features:

Frequency: 433.92Mhz

Transmitter Power (TRP) -15


CL515 Teddy Tag Technical Features:

Frequency: Bluetooth 4.0 low power. 2.402Ghz

Output Power: 0 dBm





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