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Thank you for coming to our testimonials page.  We understand it is not enough for us to tell you our products are the best and work exactly the way we say they do, so we thought we would let our happy customers talk to you directly.  Below is just a sampling of satisfied parent and caregivers from across the world.


Sunday, Nov 5th 2017 CL-103BR.
Hello! I purchased the product to test and review on my blog - www.theglammom.com. I absolutely LOVE it! It has given me such peace of mind when out with my son, who loves to wander off. chellee6


Wednesday, May 13th 2015. FROM A USER OF OUR NEW, TEDDY TAG:

Love it and telling everyone I know about it! GREAT INVENTION FOR SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS TOO! Thanks a million!



Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I just wanted to let you know how much I love this....We took our 1.5
year old and 5 year old to WDW last year and my father bought these for
them..I was a little skeptical at first, I mean, okay it's Disney world,
but I am not gonna "lose track" of my kids....Guess what? It's amazing
how much you can lose them...My daughter has the pink bear, since she is
older, she does get more freedom..it was great !! I let her play at the
playground in the park and set myself next to the exit, I knew she
couldn't "leave", but it was great to be able to hit the button and know
where she was or to tell her to "come to me"...My son being younger and
not afraid of ANYTHING, will wander a little and it's great to be able
to get an alert if he does manage to get away from us...we love them so
much we use them whenever we go out "in public" with any type of

Erin B.
Mother of 2


Thursday, December 30th, 2010

I had personally used the child locator for the past year and I love it, there are some imitations but the quality is not the same.

Johanna Fonseca, Costa Rica


Friday, Septmeber 10th, 2010

A heartfelt huge thankyou to mommyimhere.com for your quick reply to my query and your willingness to help me out and to go out of your way to send me a new battery! 


These days you don't expect this level of commitment after you have bought a product, especially if there is no written agreement, a lot of places are happy to take your money and give you the run around when the product may not work properly afterwards. Especially as I am based in the UK!


I would happily place more business with you, I just wish more companies were like you!!


Kind regards

Leah Jefferies-UK

Monday, May 10th, 2010

"Dear Mommy I'm Here, thank you so much for the bear finder. Our daughter has disabilities and sometimes will wander from us or from her teachers at school. This is truly a gift and something we feel blessed to have. Thank you for the products you provide and also for your excellent customer service! We look forward to recommending you to others!


Sincerely, Patrick & Monica Duffy

 Minneapolis, MN


Many thanks for your great product and amazing customer service.

You guys deserve all the success.

Best wishes



April 20th, 2010 - From a concerned parent

Sir, I just read that another child was left in a car seat and died in CA. I have been thinking that someone should invent a way to stop this and I think your product the CL305 Alert Advanced Locater Alert can do just that. I highly recommend you advertise your CL305 to parents as a way to get a warning if they move more that 30 feet from their child/car. Please, no recognition of or to me required. Just save our children! God Bless

- Mr. Carrell



Thank you for your good service, I received and tested the product already and it is super! It's range is good and it's so easy just to hear where our daughter is! (Much better than the expensive loc8tor plus as well, it takes ages to find anything IF the signal is not lost...)

- Lynn van den Bosch



June 11th, 2012
The Saturday before Mother's Day we went to goodwill. It was a normal trip however the routine was not normal at all. Me and my husband have three kids we usually leave the baby with Grandma and take the older children to the store but not today. Today we left the older ones and took the baby. Though when we got to goodwill we forgot we had the baby with us. We went into the store and never remembered till there was a cop in the store looking for us. We had been in the store about 20 minutes and left the baby in the car, it was not intentional but we were in trouble. The cop did not arrest us but he said he was going to report us to DCS( Department of Family and Children). We could not believe we had done such a thing and by the next friday the kids were living with their Grandma. I was distraught but then did some research. I saw that we were not the only ones who have ever left their children in the car by accident. So at that point I researched devices that could help people never do that again. I located the cl305. I knew if people had this device located on the car seat and they had the transmitter on their keychain that people would not ever leave their children by accident. I also knew I needed to get one. Two weeks later the children were about to be returned to us but CASA was worried seeing how we did not do this on purpose how could they be sure it would never happen again. I told the Director of CASA all about the cl305 she said she could not wait to see this device, I told her I would order it as soon as possible. In a couple of days we received the device and had showed it off to everyone. Two days later we had a Family Team Meeting where a safety plan was put in place and on that safety plan was that we were to have the cl305 in place at all times when we were out with the child in the car. Without that CASA had told us that they would want to get the children back home but that they were afraid to because they did not know to prevent it. CL305 and your company is the only reason why my children were returned to me. Thanks for everything.


               Sincerly, Kathryn
Jan 14th, 2013
Thank you for answering my questions about your child locator. It's a great product, that I gives me peace of mind in WDW, with all the crowds!
Melissa W



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