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Mommy I'm Here CL-305Hp Hot Pink Child Locator Tracker With Auto Alert Feature NEW!

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Technology to the rescue! Keep your child within earshot at all times with this revolutionary device that uses a small keychain transmitter and a teddy bear- shaped reciever which mounts easilly to your childs shoe or belt.


The Mommy I'm Here CL305 Blue alert is like an wireless leash for kids! It is an easy to use and stylish tracking system that uses it's own radio frequency to help you track your child up to 150 feet away. That is about half the length of a football field. The CL305HP Hot Pink locator features a distance proximeter, so if your child wanders off approximately 30 feet from you and your keychain transmitter, the new ALERT feature will cause your remote keychain transmitter to chirp, alerting you that your child is out of sight. Then you simply press the button on your keychain transmitter to wirelessly set off the 90db alarm on your childs teddy bear transmitter and locate your child and attract attention to the situation your child may be facing!


- Attaches to child's shoe or belt

- Wireless activation up to 150 feet

- Distance alert warns you when your child wanders approx 30 feet away

- Emits series of 90 db beeps when alarm is activated

- Handy keychain remote parent unit

- Water and shock resistant

- Tamper resistant and durable, even when worn by active toddlers

- No small parts and cannot easilly be taken apart, to prevent choking or harm to your child

- Superior to other products in quality of build, appearance and functionality

- Ideal for keeping your child more safe and gives parents peace of mind when out in busy public areas

- Establishes a new channel or code out of a possible 1500 codes every time you turn it on, reducing the possibility of interference from other users.


What is the difference between this new CL-305Hot Pink Mommy I'm Here Alert and our original CL103 brown and pink child locators?


First of all, both our original and new alert child locators are full of wonderful features and are all very effective and of the highest quality. However, there are a few differences. Our original CL-103 brown and pink locators are basic wireless locators, which means that the parent must notice when their child wanders and then the parent must press the button on thier keychain transmitter to set off the 90db alarm on the brown or pink teddy bear to locate their child. With the New Alert CL305HP Hot Pink locators, the parent will hear a chirp from their handy keychain transmitter when the child wanders approximately 30 feet away, then the parent can also press the button on thier keychain transmitter to set off the alarm on the shoe or belt worn teddy bear reciever. If you desire more automatic alert distance, simply extend the antenna on the keychain transmitter and keep the keychain transmitter in plain view of the bear to achieve more alert room. 


So in simple terms, the alert is similar to the original pink and brown CL-103 locators, but simply has the extra feature with the 30 foot distance alert. Please bear in mind that the distance proximeter feature cannot be adjusted or turned off and 30 feet is only a little over ten footsteps away, which is great for younger children who you may not want getting too far away, but for older children, 30 feet may not be a long enough leash for you. This is why we offer the two products and of course they are offered at two different price points.


Every time you turn on and arm any of our locators, they choose a new channel or frequency every time, so this limits the chance of interference from other users and will give you added peace of mind. As such, our standard CL-103 pink and brown bear locators allow users to operate more than one teddy bear reciever from only one keychain transmitter if desired. This is a great feature for parents with more than one child who do not want to carry more than one remote. Simply turn on more than one CL-103 pink or brown bear receivers and then arm them to the one transmitter you desire to use by pressing the trasnmitter button. You will heas some slight chirps and you are ready to go. If one child wanders out of sight, you can simply turn off the bear on the child who is with you and then press the button on your transmitter to hear the alarm on the bear who has wandered. This is a feature that cannot be used with the new alert.


Both products have an effective alarm activation when the keychain button is pressed of at least 150 feet and both products come with long life battereis installed and ready for use. Feel free to contact us with any questions on how to use. Buy your Mommy I'm Here child locator today!!


FREE SHIPPING for Continental United States orders only. Foreign Shipping will cost extra. 

Product Reviews

  1. Every Parent Needs This!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2013

    Better than I had hoped. Bought for an autistic child that has minimal verbal ability. The bear has a Velcro strap that we attached to our daughters hair tie and put in her hair (so she wouldn't try to remove it). The key responder and bear must be turned on an synced prior to each use. Very easy to use! The sound is very loud and if the child wanders off the key remote will start to beep. Highly recommended for any parent of a toddler or special needs child 100%. Totally worth the cost. I even got a free cover for my bear and remote with my order!

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