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Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party: Getting it Right By Jess Walter

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Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Party: Getting it Right

Around 26% of parents spent more than $500 for their baby’s first birthday party, according MarketWatch. First birthdays are even becoming more lavish as parents spend more to make a lasting impression. Even though your baby won’t remember it, celebrating their first key milestone is always exciting, especially for young children and friends who are attending. What matters most is incorporating the right kid-friendly activities to make the party memorable while ensuring the safety of everyone, including your child and the invited guests. For instance, you can invest in a wearable GPS child locator for your kid to give you one less thing to worry about.

If you’re planning your baby’s first birthday party, you need to get it right from the word go.

Keep the Theme Simple

It’s easy to get carried away when planning the first birthday party for your baby. The fact is that your one-year-old infant may not remember the party at all, so you need the right ideas and inspiration, such as choosing a unique party theme to make it memorable. The first birthday party theme you choose is key, as it will be the cornerstone of your child’s memories when they grow up. Therefore, choose a suitable theme and be creative for your baby. Does the baby love animal toys? Maybe you should try a kid-friendly animal theme that includes penguins and colorful rabbits. This will help create a great setting for the baby and stimulate good moods.

Pick the Perfect Time

One of the first things you will learn as a parent is that a happy, stress-free occasion requires a well-rested baby. Therefore, planning a birthday party for your kid after nap time can guarantee a few hours of cuteness. However, you’ll want to limit the party to a few hours instead of having an all-day birthday affair. Parties can be a bit overwhelming for babies, especially when you have many guests. Planning the birthday party on the weekend can be a good bet if you want your friends and family to be able to attend. The location you choose, as well as the timing of the birthday party, will also determine how many guests you can get, so accessibility should be considered. As yourself, if the area is safe for everyone and the kids who will be attending.

Consider the Number of Guests

After hosting a huge and exhausting gala to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday, one parent acknowledged that a simple and smaller event would’ve been just enough. Her daughter cried throughout the day because of the commotion brought about by the large crowd. Naturally, infants are uncomfortable around new faces or strangers. For most parents today, planning a simple home backyard party with barbeque, cake and ice cream shared with family and close friends is enough to create some beautiful memories. A small party also ensures that your baby will not be overwhelmed by many guests.

Your baby has only one first birthday, and you’ll want to make it count. Getting it right will create one of the best nostalgic memories throughout your lifetime. Take some great photos and HD videos to keep the memories on for your child. With a bit of more research and great theme in mind, planning a successful first birthday party for your child should be easy.


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